eCommerce Website Design Solutions

eCommerce Website Design Solutions

Online shopping has become a popular acquisition method for consumers in every country. Web shops are accessible from anywhere with Internet access, the products come right to your doorstep, and there’s often a much broader selection to choose from. Putting aside topics such as marketing and budgeting there is another big topic worthy of discussion: actually designing the website.

In this post I want to cover some modern UI trends for e-commerce web design. We all know about the obvious stuff like shopping carts, checkout pages, search bars, and security features.

But what else could be added to an Average Joe design to make it a Spectacular Joe design? Unfortunately Joe wasn’t available for questioning but I do have my own list of trends that are perfect for anyone designing or launching a new e-commerce website.

Homepage Shop Details

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways) that a website’s homepage should provide a magnificent first impression. The layout, colors, and content should leave a fiery memorable imprint in the mind of each visitor. Arguably more important than the overall page composition is the page content. This notion holds even greater merit when discussing e-commerce shops.

Think about it from your own perspective: you sit down at your desk to finish some work and find yourself surfing the web for a couple minutes or hours, you know how it goes.

Anyway you stumble onto a great website and it seems like they sell something cool but you just can’t figure it out right away… Or perhaps you see a product photo on the page but you still have no idea what it does. Not a great initial presentation.

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